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Juniper Berry is a Wellington based singer songwriter. Crafting together mesmeric harmonies, vocal layers and enriching production effects, the chanting melody lines Juniper displays in her music will put you on cloud nine. Taking inspiration from artists such as Billie Eilish and Mac Miller, Juniper captures a colourful and intimate side to musical production.


Growing up in the small township of Ashburton, the musical opportunities presented to Juniper were limited. She was brought up in a household which encouraged her to embody her creative pursuits through a range of artistic mediums. Initially learning to play piano and guitar at the age of 10, Juniper has continued to improve and hone in on her musical abilities and has been able to explore several other instruments since.


She began to take music classes and singing lessons throughout highschool, where she learnt to develop her voice as an instrument and was encouraged to express herself through song writing. With growing confidence, Juniper began to perform in local shows and started competing in national competitions, taking her original pieces to the stage when she was 16. Although reasonably new to the New Zealand music scene, the South Island raised musician is making an impact on her local peers and has no plans to stop anytime soon.


Juniper is currently based in Wellington where the live music scene is rising. She studies Commercial Music at Massey University and is constantly continuing to develop her musical abilities and production style.

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